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Human Resources Compliance

We will assist you in keeping your business on top of evolving human resources compliance topics making sure you and your employees are safe and protected while aligning workplace policies, decisions, and actions with legal requirements.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

We will keep your team thriving by providing you human resources processes for your employees. We will create effective policies and protocols that are clear and easy to read and will also be available for managers to train their staff. Some items may include:

1. Recruitment and Retention
2. New Employee Orientation
3. Records Retention
4. Leaves of Absences
5. Performance Evaluation and Development
6. Disciplinary Action

Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook is a formal written document which defines topics relevant to who your business is and how you work together. We will create or revise your Employee Handbook with any updates or key topics that are relevant to your business operations. We will ensure your Employee Handbook is a mark of professionalism of your company and clearly sets out policies and rules.

Resume Writing and Job Preparedness

We can help you succeed in your career by preparing up-to-date, professional, stand-out resumes. We can create new resumes, update outdated resumes, and provide a professional cover letter to highlight your strengths that are targeted to a specific job and employer.

We will teach you how to convince the employer that you are the right person for the job. We will coach you in how to look for the right job evaluate yourself, which means getting to know yourself and the skills you have, as well as the kind of jobs that you will be able to do successfully prepare for the interview, including steps to follow before and during an interview, what to expect and how to answer tough questions; and having a professional image, including dressing and acting professionally.


We can assist you with the overall process of identifying, sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates for jobs within your organization. We can prepare your job descriptions, review your salary considerations and the following activities:

1. Develop advertising strategies, including job announcements.
2. Pre-screen applications and resumes.
3. Conduct initial interviews to identify the strongest candidates.
4. Drafting job-related, behavior-based interview questions to ensure effectiveness and compliance with the law.
5. Draft orientation checklists to ensure policies and your business culture are clearly communicated.
6. Prepare new hire kits with required forms and brochures and company-related materials, to insure new hires have a strong start.

We will evaluate the performance of your Human Resources Department and its activities undertaken


Your business safety and health conditions are regulated by OSHA or Cal-OSHA. Nearly every employee comes under Cal-OSHA jurisdiction with some exceptions. We will be able to develop OSHA/Cal-OSHA compliant programs for your workplace, such as:

1. Injury Illness and Prevention Plan (IIPP)
2. Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
3. Hazard Communication Program
4. Heat Illness Prevention Plan
5. COVID Prevention Plan
6. Disciplinary Action

Human Resources Audits

We will evaluate the performance of your Human Resource Department and its activities undertaken, and the policies followed towards the accomplishment of your organizational goals to ensure human resources practices are current and compliant. Some items We are able to review are as follows:

1. Personnel file management
2. New Hire on-boarding and off-boarding
3. Mandatory posters and notices
4. Basic wage and hour compliance
5. Basic payroll requirements

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