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DC Human Resources Consulting will perform advanced, specialized, and administrative duties in your human resources program by providing HR solutions in the administration of your human resources program.

DC Human Resources Consulting is available to interpret human resources policy and offer advice and consultation on its implementation in your business. Our services range from answering questions on policy to presenting training sessions on complex HR procedures. DC Human Resources Consulting can assist your company’s continued compliance with human resources policies.

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Is Your Business In Compliance?

There are new laws passed every year. Stay upto date with the latest in HR.

Does Your Business Have Accurate Record Keeping?

Let us help you develop an excellent system record-keeping procedure.

Our Services

Human Resources Compliance – Is Your Business In Compliance?

We will assist you in keeping your business on top of evolving human resources compliance topics.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures – Are Your Policies and Procedures Effective and Clear?

We will create effective policies and protocols that are clear and easy to read and will also be available for managers to train their staff.

Employee Handbook – Is Your Employee Handbook Up-To-Date Or Need Revision?

We will create or revise your Employee Handbook with any updates or key topics that are relevant to your business operations.

Resume Writing and Job Preparedness – Are You Searching For A Job and Need a Stand-Out Resume and Cover Letter?

We can help you succeed in your career by preparing up-to-date, professional, stand-out resumes and cover letters.

Recruitment – Do You Need Assistance Finding The Right Candidate For Your Position?

We can assist you with the overall process of identifying, sourcing, screening candidates for jobs within your organization. We can prepare your job descriptions and review your salary.

Human Resources Audits – Are Your Human Resources Practices Current?

We will evaluate the performance of your Human Resource Department to ensure human resources practices are current and compliant.


" DC Human Resources Consulting has been a great assistance in meeting our unique HR needs. Diana's hands-on approach was critical to us finding a new viable candidate for our vacant HR position. As well, Diana's superb investigative reports regarding employee concerns were very detailed and provided substantial factual information when we needed to make a decision. I would highly recommend DC Human Resources Consulting because they will provide individualized services designed especially for the company needs while making necessary adjustments accordingly. "

– Kevin Jordan
Executive Director, KYJO

" Angels of Grace was completely satisfied with DC Human Resources Consulting. Diana was very attentive to our needs and was readily available when we had a question. She is quite knowledgeable in her field of work and provided excellent results. "

– Lisa Casarez
CEO, Angels of Grace

" If your business is missing a strong HR department, I highly recommend DC Human Resources Consulting."

– Marissa Arreguin
AP/AR, Fahrney Automotive Group

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